Craft Revolution 

Saturday saw us venture to Silverstar casino for their first ever Craft Beer Revolution, we were invited to try out the festival and the number of breweries on display.

First and most key point to mention was that this was indoors and had aircon which meant the 30+ degrees stayed outside. Comfort and drinking pleasure was met by a number of bands playing classics, with the crowd joining in.

The image below is from earlier in the day it filled up quickly and had a constant good feeling buzz.   

Beer currency was in the form or a book meaning that you needed to purchase prior to your beer purchases. Promo staff continuously walked around selling the books and card machines were available for ease of transaction.

From unique flavoured beer to the traditional larger on sale there was something for everyone’s taste even cocktails.

Food trucks and tables were set up outside and offered classics such as Woodview Wagu beef burgers or wagu biltong and dry wors, there were wraps and pulled pork rolls as well as chicken wings which kept the hunger at bay. The only complaint would be there was no food to share in essence so if your at a table you couldn’t get a platter of nibbles to share. But for a first show it was a fun day out.

The crowd added to the atmosphere singing along to the classics being performed onstage and just being jovial.

With our glass in hand and some wonderful company it was a great day out and very well organized from entry to exit, security was stationed around the area ensuring nothing untoward happened.

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