A memory in a biscuit tin

There are moments and jingles that stay in your head for a lifetime. The Bakers Man is one of those, I mean “who could make the sun rise and sprinkle it with joy”… Ps your welcome for the ear worm.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their re-launch, and to have a sneak peak at the new website at a fun filled event. I can say I had the jingle stuck in my head since I received the email.

Now a bit of a back story, one of my first introductions to cooking/baking was with a no bake/cook Marie & coconut truffles (as they are now called). Through the years the tennis biscuit custard tart, to “smores” both fire born and microwave born to Romany cream tart bases this brand is suited to great exploration and creativity, besides being tasty.

During the Bakers event it came to light how competitive I am and that I don’t like sharing my cookies! We were challenged to “create a memory, using biscuits and icing” I built a house with grouting and flooring and everything (I was dedicated), I made the top 5 (yay) but alas didn’t win but it was fun and the memories and creations beautiful.

Upon leaving I was given a tub full of yumminess and my inner young lady jumping for joy of biscuits, and being adult to decide biscuits for dinner and breakfast is totally allowed! Did you know that Bakers now have GoodMorning breakfast biscuits I didn’t but am addicted now…

I decided to take a “biscuit” out of @Mike_Said_Hi’s book and spread the love by giving some of my biscuits away, to the gent who sorts our rubbish, the the newspaper seller they were all so happy and sharing the Bakers love.

Digging into my barrel I found Marie biscuits which brought back my first Bakers memory. So I decided to recreate the “truffles” my way (since I lost the recipe).

So I took all of this, crushed, pulsed, smacked and mixed and smooshed with my hands and a goofy grin and ta daaa new aged truffles were made 🙂 and enjoyed. I changed it up with two types of biscuits Roomy Creams and Marie Biscuits, instead of Cocoa I used Nomu Skinny Hot Chocolate (it’s low GI and yum). They were tasty and I loved eating them and having the memories pop up.

So if like me you love playing around with tastes and flavours go visit the new Bakers website, they have great recipes and tasty treats to create, I will be spending some time on the site. http://www.bakers.co.za/ 

Have fun and eet sum mor biscuits, because you can and it tastes good.

Talk to the Bakers team on Twitter they are great fun and have handy tips @Bakers_Biscuits 

This post is inspired by the Bakers event I attended and the treats found in the gift barrel, all memories are strictly my own.

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