Urbanologi Addiction

I have a confession I love food, okay not all food is/was created equal and I am a tad selective.

Recently a new place popped onto our timeline, Urbanologi a new stunning place to try nestled in-between Mad Giants shiny beer fermenters, offering unique tastes that are not “typical” bar food.

I fell in love, it’s not a lie with the roasted potatoes with a seaweed emulsion (doesn’t sound impressive, but it is), the complex flavours that ignite your taste buds leaving you wanting more I became addicted (no they don’t sell the dip only or do take away dips).

The rest of the night we tried a number of dishes which sounded like the flavours would clash but they didn’t.

The menu is set out in such a way that it is ideal to order a few dishes and share amongst the table (except the seaweed emulsion I wouldn’t share that).

What makes this place special besides the wonderfully thought out menu (which changes), but it is a comfortable place to just be, it’s not trying to be prim and posh it’s just a great place, the staff are attentive and knowledgeable as well adding to the atmosphere, with local and talented artists decorating the walls graffiti style, specially manufactured tables with subtle branding it’s all been greatly thought out, even the lights in the booths can be adjusted to the height YOU want it to be.

As they are based inside Mad Giant’s brewery there is always a freshly brewed craft beer ontap, while you watch the other batches rest waiting for their debuts.
 I can carry on about Urbanologi for awhile but won’t, if you can try it for yourself, it isn’t for everyone but it is for me and has become a favourite date night spot.

What I would like to see is maybe a craft cocktail, maybe made with craft Gin maybe?

This beautiful venue can be found in the 1 Fox Precent, next to the Sheds a wonderful place to wonder around in.

Bookings can be done via a booking app on their website www.urbanologi.co.za or say hi to them on Twitter on @UrbanologiFood 

Visit www.madgiant.co.za to learn more about their brews and what they have up their sleeves. Or stalk them on Twitter @MadGiantBeer

This post is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by Urbanologi, all meals were paid for by ourselves (side note will work for seaweed emulsion Mr will work for beer). All thoughts are my own based on a few visits to them.

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