A little of this and That

I’ve been quiet, sorry for those that take the time to visit my page and read the posts (Thank you). 

Life is what happens when you get busy they say (Iv heard it before), and I feel as if time is both racing and standing still. 

New experiences and brilliant moments have happened, which I haven’t shared, sorry. I want to give them justice without the oh I have to write it, when the time is write and when I’m spewing words it will be revealed. 

Did you notice our updated look “flutters eyelashes you can’t see, while striking a pose). For those that know me I’m a magpie I like things that sparkle, rose gold is my addiction as late and I’m a selective spot-aholic. <- learning things here. 

So is there a point to this post, not really, but it feels right to just put it out there, no rhyme or reason, just because. 

I can’t promise you regular posts, but I do promise to share more. So chat to me, tell me how you are doing, let’s connect. I’m on Twitter and Instagram). 

To end, take time for yourself, even if it’s to colour in or watch mind numbing series’s, take time to unplug and spend a few hours with someone (even fur) that you care about, lay on the grass watching the clouds go by, do what makes you happy even for a few hours. 

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