Relaxing with a #ButterBall

It sounds dirty doesn’t it? Well it’s not and, it will leave you clean and feeling refreshed. Rain South Africa sent me a beautiful box filled with 4 butter balls (I’m still working my way through them) to enjoy. 

With the water restrictions in place a bath is a luxury, as such sacrifices were made in order for me to enjoy a long soak, with a butter ball. The restrictions however do not stop me from sniffing the beautifully scented balls, which I highly recommend. 

What stands out besides the hypnotic scent, is that Rain South Africa created each butter ball (and other products) by hand, with natural ingredients (winning all the way here). Just for me and you. 

Being a hopeless romantic the stories above each ball stood out, so out of the norm for a bath product. It made me stop and get lost in thought. My favourite one is below. 

With a cocktail and some relaxing music, time out and just me time, soaking in the bath. 

The water restrictions may be relaxed in JHB but I’m still water wise and limiting bath time, plus it let’s me enjoy these beauties longer. 

What I love about these besides the stories are the scents, how soft your skin feels after a soak, how they soften the water (never knew how “hard” water was till now). Best of all they are made with love and care by hand, even the boxes are hand made. 

Spoil yourself or a loved one with some beautiful Rain ButterBombs or some of their other products, completely worth it. 

With a number of stores scattered around South Africa your bound to find one close to you, if not. Click here -》 and shop from the comfort of your own bed/bath or that comfy chair. 

What you need to know:- 

Follow Rain on 

Instagram :- @RainAfricaSA 

Twitter:- @Rain_Africa 


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