Moody Cow where tasty cravings thrive

Gelato Freezos * Gourmet Popcorn * The Original Fruit Crusher * Lemonades * Waffle World * Waffle Taco * Uber Shakes * Cookie Sandwiches * Hot Beverages * Speciality Coffees and so much more…

The passion and free spirit can be felt as soon as you enter Moody Cow, there is nothing moody about this place.

José invited us to experience the newest gelato addition to Clearwater Mall, Moody Cow Gelato and Coffee co, a new take on Classically prepared and well-balanced custom made Italian Gelato and craft coffee, who were we to decline such an invitation.


The staff, welcoming and eager to explain the story and the many flavours on offer with a smile, with new flavours being added all the time, side note you can suggest a flavour and they may add it to the menu.

Watch out for their flavour of the month, this month was dedicated to Women’s Month featuring pink nut biscuits with strawberry shortcake gelato, white chocolate drops, fresh strawberries with candy floss, sprinkled with vermicelli.


Such a variety on the Moody Cow menu, and with a specially crafted batter recipe the waffles and tacos are a must try, the batter is not overly sweet but complements the gelatos and sauces perfectly.


With the name “Chocolate Challenge” it was only fitting to try, choc milk gelato, oreo, flake, chocolate vermicelli, and chocolate sauce from the fountain, the portion size is generous, to say the least, the gelato is so smooth and light leaving only great tastes after every spoonful, the waffle was golden and fluffy with scrumptious elements, like the flake and oreo pieces adding in a needed crunch, with a drizzle of chocolate sauce your sweet tooth will love you without flooding your system.


It’s a taco darling like no other, “Oh! More S’mores” Nutella spread, marshmallows, tennis biscuits, choc milk gelato, strawberries, chocolate fountain. Did you know that Moody Cow uses the best local ingredients from local suppliers to make their great tasting treats, made daily onsite. Back to the taco, crispy, thin and golden with a snap of the shell to add to the soft, smooth, favourable flavours of the choc milk gelato, the tartness of strawberries breaks the sweetness of the toasted marshmallows with the gelato. The only and minor point of this that I did not like, was that if you didn’t eat the toasted marshmallow quickly they went hard against the gelato and added a hard chewy element. The flavours all compliment each other from the butteriness of tennis biscuits down to the chocolate sauce and the strawberries it is a top favourite.


”Improve Your Mood Uber Shake”, Nutella gelato, lunch bar, oreo, brownie, choc vermicelli, whipped cream. Thick and packed with chocolaty flavours, definitely a mood changer and an indulgent treat.


After all that sweet eating a refreshing, made on site Rooibos tea and elderflower extract lemonade was a wonderful thirst quencher. Delicious the complementary flavours really bring out this lemonade.


Best of all Moody Cow offer low fat, no eggs (except for the milk tart), preservative and gluten free, no artificial colourants as well as sugar-free options, ask the friendly non-moody staff for more information, Moody cow is Halaal registered meaning treats for all no matter your dietary needs.


Not only do they make gelato and sorbet, but they offer biltong dried on site, popcorn popped just right and decadent toppings, cruffins which pair well with their specially roasted coffee beans, gift boxes featuring Lindt chocolates and so much more. The future is tasty for Moody Cow, with new menu items being tested and thought up, this is one herd I wouldn’t mind joining. We have heard of whats to come and it’s all so worth it, for the sweets and not so sweets keep an eye out.


The concept for Moody Cow thought out by José based on his memories of family trips as a child, filled with gelato, he translated this to create a unique and tasty experience in Johannesburg. With a history and passion in the food industry, José knows how to please his customers taste buds. With his attention to detail, he has spent a great deal of time on the menu items, a mix to satisfy most pallets, from travelling to Italy to learn gelato secrets, down to acquiring the best equipment.


Don’t be fooled by the small space it has cleverly been utilized to ensure quality and taste rain supreme. Specialized high-quality equipment was imported from Italy and Germany to ensure the great tastes the team dreamt up become a reality. “The team at Moody Cow were trained by a Master Gelato Maker ‘the Gelatician”: an artist of consummate skill whose aim is to produce flawless gelato every time. The team prides itself on following the traditional method of creating handmade (Halaal-certified) gelato”, you can taste the difference. Even the gelato scoops were brought in to ensure no heat transfers to the gelato during scooping, it’s the small things that make it taste so good.


So I will leave you with this one scoop or two? maybe three, in a cone or cup it’s up to you.


Twitter: MoodyCowZa

Facebook: @MoodyCowGelato

Instagram: @moodycowza

“The menu at Moody Cow celebrates all things sweet. Everything from the handmade gelato and fruit based sorbets, cookie sandwiches, gourmet popcorn… even the waffle tacos are fresh and made-to-order in the store. Pair this with one of their speciality coffees, an Uber Shake or a Sicilian lemonade. There are also selected candies & imported chocolates and liquorice and a gifting section that can make up bespoke gifts for a special occasion or for corporates.”


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