Ocean Basket Lets Get Fishieeee

Let’s get fishie… one of our favourite places to subdue a seafood craving is Ocean Basket, from the variety of dishes and the options to share, we leave satisfied and full.

We were invited to try the new and mouthwatering new menu and experience the new look store.

20171101_153644 20171101_155024

What makes Ocean Basket one of the places on our go-to list? It’s the friendly-ness from the moment you step on the mat, to being greeted with a friendly smile and happy wait staff. The food is also of great value and full of flavour, I think in all our times visiting Ocean Basket we have only ever had 2 bad experiences (yelling kids, noisy and cold food).



Summer is for fresh drinks, laughter and moments with friends and family, with the weather hotting up a refreshing drink option is needed. Ocean Basket has added a number of drink options both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. A perfect addition to their new #ArtofFusion Menu.


Back to the NEW menu, and what a fusion it is, #ArtofFusion takes your pallet on a taste sensation, with crisp tangy flavours to compliment the summer heat, a cool refreshing meal that plays with traditional tastes bt adds a much-needed twist to elevate the favourites.

20171101_170128 20171101_170445 20171101_170501

We tried the new Sushi options:

  • Sweet prawn Futomaki
  • Panko Salmon Futomaki
  • Uramaki Coriander Bomb
  • Panko Prawn Gunkan
  • Tuna Sashimi
  • Tomato Nigiri
  • Flower Gunkans
  • Spicy Roses

Cant decide then try one of the NEW platters – Flower Power and Rock ‘n Roll – and let the taste sensation begin.

“Ocean Basket has reeled in a fabulous fresh summer seafood menu offering a feast of Mediterranean flavours perfectly suited to long hot days and warm nights.” Ocean Basket

It gets better with starter portions of:

  • Calamari bowl
  • Mediterranean rice balls
  • Crumbless salmon and trout bites
  • Spanish anchovies with a Med salsa.

20171101_174443 20171101_175037

Food is meant to be shared and the Summer weather invites friends and families to get together, Ocean Basket is the ideal place to go and enjoy a catch-up, with the added bonus of no dishes to clean up afterwards.

Do you have a sweet tooth? the new dessert ice cream bowls with Turkish delight or halva satisfy will satisfy it, not overly sweet but refreshing and delicious.

20171101_182714 20171101_182300

“OB has launched an innovative nutritional value calculator that provides customers with the nutritional facts and the composition of all of its menu items, allowing for an informed and enhanced dining experience.” Ocean Basket

Everyone can enjoy the new taste flavours and sushi options even those on a diet, make use of the nutritional calculator, don’t get left at behind be part of the fun.

Did you know that Ocean Basket are introducing environmentally friendly take away containers? Now you do, have a taste-filled meal and help the environment.

What you need to know:- 

Website:- https://oceanbasket.com/  – https://oceanbasket.com/

Twitter:- @TheOceanBasket – https://twitter.com/TheOceanBasket

Instagram:- @Ocean_Basket – http://instagram.com/ocean_basket

Facebook:- @DaOceanBasket – https://www.facebook.com/daoceanbasket





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