Kloofzicht Lodge

Beauty, tranquillity, relaxation are a few words that come to mind about our stay at Kloofzicht. We enjoyed it so much so we spent New Year’s Eve there as well.

20171209_123241.jpg 20171209_123340.jpg

Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa, nestled between beautiful mountains and highlighted by a number of dams it is a place to get lost in, to go for a walk and just be in nature.

20171209_130134.jpg 20171209_130923.jpg

20171231_123756 1.jpg

Situated less than an hour from JHB, this is our new favourite hideaway. Driving through the nature reserve spotting bucks and warthogs it just feels right.

On both visits, our rooms were exquisite, all the comfort and luxury.  Not only were the rooms spacious but the linin was soft and just embraces you when you snuggle down. Our rooms had aircon as well as a private seating area on the deck, one overlooking the stream and the other one of the dams. I am a sucker for a good bath, and both rooms had glorious baths, the second with a view of the dam, but whats even more impressive were the finer details such as bath salts and foam bath (many places don’t offer this). Its a place to lose yourself in and I for one am glad we found it.

20171209_124308.jpg 20171209_125246.jpg

20171209_125323.jpg 20171209_124400.jpg 20171209_124318.jpg

20171209_124501.jpg 20171209_125138.jpg

20171231_141438 f 20171231_144932 c

20171231_141510 c.jpg 20171231_151637.jpg 20171231_141515 c.jpg

All the beauty and relaxation works up an appetite, with Kloofzicht Lodge there is a main dinning area and then the Oevermeer Bistro with beautiful views, read about it here -> Oevermeer Bistro review both serving breakfasts and lunch with the main dinning area serving dinner.

We enjoyed lunch at Oevermeer Bistro with good portions and tasty flavours we went for a short walk up one of the mountains and then a well-deserved nap afterwards, for what is a getaway without a nap?

Dinner is a work of art and affordable too, a selection of starters leaving you wanting more and to try them all, mains with such flavour combinations you wonder whose mind created this excitement along with can’t I have them all, dessert is a trolley filled with delicious delights including a selection of cheese and preserves for those inclined. we almost forgot dinner includes an amuse bouche and a sorbet between to cleanse the taste buds.

20171209_190118.jpg 20171209_192712 20171209_195052.jpg

20171209_193638 20171209_193648.jpg

20171209_200328.jpg 20171209_200711.jpg

20171209_202048.jpg 20171209_201917.jpg

We are privileged to know the chef responsible for these creations and so much more, Chef Chris Tustian (follow his instagram here @Chef_Chris_Tustian) not only is he an award-winning chef for his unique use of flavours and dish creation, but, he is generally a nice man.

After such a lip licking, tummy stuffing, stupid satified grin on our faces we retired to the soft embrace of our bed. Breakfast the following morning was a buffet filled with flavourable dishes.

From the time we entered the gates to the time we left, we were surrounded by beauty and comfort and what better still great food.

20171210_085233.jpg 20171210_084802.jpg 20171209_131717.jpg

The only downside is that we never knew about Kloofzicht before, and the spa was full so no massage for me. Another downside is they allow children but thankfully most of the parents were responsible and they were not too much of a nuisance.

20171209_185909 20171209_131151 20171209_123251.jpg

What you need to know:- 

Website:- www.kloofzicht.co.za 

Facebook:- KloofzichtLodgeandSpa

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/GuvonHotels #KloofzichtLodge

Fun Fact (if you can stomach it) they have a last minute special deals available for the weekends, however they are only released on the Thursday.



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