It’s Been A While

The harsh reality is that it’s been too long since I wrote a blog post, I’ve still been active and reviewing on Instagram but that’s no excuse.

Currently, if you are like me, you are faced with uncertainty, with anxiety, with the vast unknown and little things matter more. Trying to find an ounce of control right now be it ensuring you have eggs or to keep one area clean, anything to make sense right now.

Some know some don’t but 3 years ago I left full-time employment to start my own company, something of my own, something to build on and allow me to breathe. I am fortunate enough to have married a wonderful and amazing man, who not only supported my dream but encouraged it, he held my hand when needed and wiped away the tears, he has also always been there for me.

I understand the strain and the uncertainty, the fact that the whole world is facing the same pandemic with supplies running low or not at all.

We have always tried to support local where we can, being a small business is tough, just surviving not only the financial implications but the mental challenges are tough, it is okay to be not okay.

Where am I going with this post, not sure really, but I aim to try support local be it by a like, comment or share, I am going to try and I will be documenting it as I go.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay You.

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