Doppio Zero – Bryanston

Laughter, Smiles, and good food awaits at Doppio Zero Bryanson.

We were invited to their Gin and Jazz night awhile back, as well as privileged to get spoilt with a selection of tasty dishes, all individually portioned to ensure we could try many, many delicious dishes.

A night out with a friend while trying gins and mouth-watering good food is ideal, and we miss it whilst we observe lockdown.

Healthy dishes and with my favourite edamame beans featuring in a number of dishes (I may have picked and claimed them) this was a fun night out. With tasty complementary flavours and the variety is just outstanding, something for everyone’s taste buds. From bowls with salmon, edamame beans, ginger to pulled tacos and pasta smothered in sauce. Whilst being entertained by the soothing sounds of Jazz, not overpowering the night and one was still able to catch up and enjoy time with friends.

Dessert, generally I do not have a sweet tooth but I would eat these again and again, a selection of chocolaty goodness just right for ending the evening. Plus you can have more as you had a healthy main (that’s the rule right?)

Whilst walking out truly and utterly stuffed and after spending good times with good people, we passed this temptress! Did you know you can can order food and cake to take away? Now you do.

This branch of Doppio Zero is special, from the people that run it, the chefs and the awesome wait staff. As well as there different events which they hold, from Jazz, to gin down to a prawn festival and so much more (keep an eye on there Facebook page for more).


During lockdown they are closed, however they are active on social media, from sharing images and recipes, give them a follow and wait for them to open and enjoy the sweet and delicious flavours from their talented chefs.


What you need to know:- 


Facebook:- DZBryanston

Twitter:- DoppioZeroSA

Instagram:- doppiozerosa

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