Coppa Patisserie

There is nothing more appealing or self satisfying than a good, sinfully delightful, mouth watering, delectable piece of chocolate cake.

So many cakes to eat so little time and with lock-down its proving difficult. If only cakes were calorie and guilt free! Then you find a place that makes the cake you want and crave.

Unfortunately there is such a thing as a bad piece of cake, the one that you’ve been dreaming of, the one your going to treat yourself with and then bang its terrible, flavorless, chalky and just sad.

This however is NOT the case with Coppa Patisserie this place is one of a kind filled with flavour, softness, delicious, worth the drive and worth the treats, it’s worth it all. Not to mention the friendly people in the store.

We were lucky enough to be given one of their cakes, and all I can say is I WANT MORE, I need more, I want to lick the pictures it was THAT good! I still dream of this cake, and I crave more.

Whats different about Coppa Patisserie, they are passionate about cakes, savory delights and so much more, freshness is key and flavour is their mantra. From cakes to macaroons to freshly baked croissants and so much more.

Savory treats for a road trip, afternoon treats or just because moments. Home made meals and breads one can just live there (if it weren’t illegal and we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic). I purchased a number of other items whilst engrossed in the beauty of the store and cake display, some beef sfiha, chicken empada and some beef empanada and croissants, as luck would have it we were going away for the weekend and snacks and yum were required.

The cake and the layers were magnificent you can clearly see and taste each one, each not overpowering the other but complimenting it, I do not have much of a sweet tooth but this was perfect, the balance between chocolate and filling with the cake just melting in your mouth is sinfully worth it (and I want more).

Waking up in the bush on our weekend away (before lockdown) was worth it, the peace, the calm and the pure beauty of nature and its sounds. But what made it even better were buttery, huge, home made croissants willed with yum. Its how all days should start. Followed by a self game drive and naturally I had to take a slice of cake with and show all the wildlife the perfect layers.

So what is the verdict, I am sad that they are not closer, but my waist line does not agree with this. You can pre-order cakes and snacks and all the tasty goodness from their website, they offer specialized cakes, platters and so much more. I would recommend them to all and anyone because you deserve good cake and good cake it is.

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Facebook:- Coppapatisserie

Instagram:- CoppaPatisserie

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