Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

Time out, get-a-way, relaxation and exploration of the nature and letting the body unwind.

Before the world got turned upside down, before social distancing was something only introverts par took in, there were weekends away. Where you’d pack your bags, pack the car and plan your snacking options and away you’d go, with the only worry was bug spray and sunscreen (the sun hates me).

We were given a timeshare weekend away at Mabalingwe, thats all we needed to know really, okay maybe a bit more but we were grateful, even more so as it was the last time we got to explore before the pandemic hit. This was early in March and oh how beautiful it was and how relaxing it felt to just get away.

Self catering weekend away where the chalets are secluded and you get woken up by the sounds of wild animals. Sitting on the patio watching the sun rise and being greeted by a skittish but beautiful kitten followed by inquisitive wart hogs (who don’t respond to being called pumba’s), as it is a weekend away we opted for breakfast at the restaurant after our Coppa Patisserie croissants (see previous blog post), then self driving through the game park with a piece of cake because why not, honestly I have never felt so relaxed and loved as I did in that car laughing with the man I love, eating cake I should not have eaten but so worth it, and just spotting animals and driving to lookout point, standing on the top of that point in the arms of someone who loves me is all thats right in the world.

It doesn’t count as a visit if you don’t go to the Kalahari Oasis Bush Pub and sit outside in the afternoon sun with a gin and tonic, granted it was pink but hey gin and tonic.

Singing to old school songs and just lounging about is what weekends are for right?

Taking the time when needed is important, if anything I have learned through this pandemic is that you need to take time, find those people that just make you feel loved and special and take a moment.

When things change and we are allowed to travel again why not discover local spots and help them stay alive.

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