Created out of laughter and continued with love. Spiced Weasel is about enjoying the moments and finding new places to see, taste and feel. There is no niche market, we blog what we feel and what we want to blog about.

Thank you for your time and for visiting our blog, there is both a ladies perspective and a mans, because husbands don’t always agree with their wives 😉

We are media friendly as long as we resonate or connect to a brand. We wont publish arb press releases, as we like to connect with a brand or product.

This is an account of where we have been and what we thought along the way, we would like to invite you along with us, comment, tweet, interact with us let us know your thoughts and opinions, or if you have found a hidden gem you’d like to share.

Email:- caretaker@spicedweasel.co.za

Twitter:- @SpicedWeasel 

Instagram:- @SpicedWeasel

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